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Desktop animations bring your boring old PC to life ! Tired of Windows desktop and the same old thing day in day out ? Our free animated deskmates, screen savers, screen mates, fun cartoons or comic character downloads will breathe some life into your computer, at home, school or work.

Best of all, our free animated characters are just that - free ! Get your download today, and spice up your desktop, with a great cartoon character to follow you around as you work,study or play.

Just choose the animated characters you are interested in. Then follow our simple links to download them straight to your PC. It's a simple installation of the free software, and you'll be up an running in seconds with your new buddy to work with you on your computer desktop.

Quality and security guaranteed

All software is completely free of adware and spyware - always has and always will be ! All our characters and animations are produced by Oska Educational Systems Pty Ltd - a world-renowned online animation studio that just keeps coming up with great new characters for your desktop.

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